Lady Ann Carre Probate

I have seen reference to the January 1640 probate of Lady Ann Carre (nee Dyer), but have been unable to find it again. On 11 October 1607, Ann Dyer became the second wife of Sir Edward Carre, the youngest son of Old Robert Carre of Sleaford (Linc. Pedigrees 229). Ann was the daughter of Sir Richard Dyer of Great Staughton, Huntingdonshire and therein closely related to the Dyers of Somerset. After Sir Edward’s death, Anne married Sir Henry Cromwell, first cousin to the future Lord Protector, Oliver, removed to Hinchinbrooke, Huntingdonshire, and died there in late 1639 or early 1640.

Although it’s another long shot, her probate might mention Dyers and provide a clue to William’s ancestry. Following is the citation I have for Ann’s probate, but I could not find it there again. To confuse matters, although Ann married a Cromwell, I believe she continued to be styled “Lady Ann Carr[e].”

Lady An Carr, probate January 1640, Hinchinbrook, Ramsey, Huntingdonshire.
Calendar of Huntingdonshire Wills, 1479-1652. W.M. Noble, ed., British Record Society, Index Library, vol. 42, 1911. See also vol. 41.