The following transcripts have been made from the Kirkby Laythorp Bishops transcripts from 1604 through 1618. Some years, such as 1611-12, are regrettably missing. Although it appears from William Dyer’s 1625 apprenticeship enrollment that his father was still alive and living in Kirkby Laythorp, no record could be found of his death or, for that matter, of any other Dyers after 1610-11.

After the bishops transcripts, I have included a list of Lay Subsidy rolls that include Kirkby Laythorp. Lay Subsidy rolls are essentially rolls of taxes collected from the wealthier landowners in a parish and thus do not include the poorer folks. Moreover, many landowners sought to evade these taxes, so some otherwise taxable landowners will be missing from the list. A good example is the 1622 subsidy, which notes only seven taxed landowners in Kirkby Laythorp, when the parish must have had 30 or 40 families, albeit not all significant landowners. It would be interesting to look at other Lay Subsidy years and see if William Dyer is listed. These rolls are available at the British National Archives.

At the end of this file is the 1641 Poll Tax for Kirkby Laythorp. Thirteen heads of families are listed, no Dyers, and the senior William Dyer may have been dead by this date.

Extracts From Bishops’ Transcripts


John Ridell the sonne of John Ridell
Ailes Leak the daughter of Wm William Leak
Wm Tompson [no father noted]
Robt Rockford & Jane Rath Rath
John Browne the sonne of Richard Brown
Wm Pell the sonne of Wm William Pell
John Carlell the sonne of Lancelott Lanclott Carlell
Robt Colman the sonne of Wm William Coleman
George Gull and An Thorpp George Gull
John Leak & Cathren Prestonard? Prestonard?
Wm Melborne was buryed William Melborne
Thomas Winter the sonne of Steven Winter
Francis Bumster the daughter of Richard Bumster

By me Edw. Bowman minister of Kirkby
Wm Slater, churchwarden William Slater
James Palmer, churchwarden James Palmer



Ann Emenson the daughter of Thomas Emenson
Edward Leake. son of John Leake the elder
Thomas Leake, son of Ambros Leake
John Thorpe. son of Thomas Thorpe the younger
John Burk, son of John Burke
Robert Leake, son of John Leake the younger
George Gull, son of George Gull
Sara Thorpe, daughter of Thomas Thorpe the elder
Margaret Taylor, daughter of Christopher Taylor
John Francis, son of Thomas Francis
Alice Watson, daughter of John Watson
George Slater, son of William Slater


John Gilden and Maryan Francis John Gilden


Grace Standy the wyfe of Robert Standy
Margaret Emenson the wyfe of Thomas Emenson
Ann Emenson daughter of Thomas Emenson
Ann Banister daughter of Richard Banister
Thomas Leake sonne of Ambros Leake
Margaret Watson was buryed John Watson?
Alice Claye was buryed Alice Clay
Willm Smyth was buryed William Smyth
John Francis the sonne of Thomas Francis

Robert Heblethwait pson
Thomas Thorpe, junior, churchwarden Thomas Thorpe
Johan Gilden, churchwarden John Gilden


(very hard to read)


Ailce … idge, daughter of Thomas
George …, son of Edward
Thomas …, son of William
Robert …, son of George
Aillce Dawson the daughter of Symon Dawson
Willm Leake the sonne of John Leake the yonger
Jane Browne, daughter of Richard Browne
Elizabeth Pull, the daughter of Willm Pull
Aillce Leake the daughter of Ambrose Leake
Marye Willm
Nicholas Dyer the son of Willm
Robart Dymocke the son of Willm
Elizabeth … the daughter of Thomas


Willm Dymocke &


Jane Browne the daughter of Richard Browne
Aillce … the daughter of
George Slater the son of William Slater
Thomas Dawson the son of Symon Dawson

Thomas Rowe, churchwarden
Symon Dawson, churchwarden



Marian Leake, daughter of John Leake the elder
Anne Emanson, dau of Thomas Emanson
Christopher Sticke, son of Margaret Sticke
James Rowe, son of Thomas Rowe
Edward Robsone, son of John Robson
Symon Wynter, son of Christopher Wynter
Ann Standinge, daughter of Thomas Standinge
Marie Sawle, daughter of Gorge Sawle


John Robson and Margaret Palmer
John Dawsone and Rachall Hound
James Ffyssick and Margaret Barton


Jane Watson, wife of buried Michael Watson
James Watson, the son of buried Michael Watson
William Leake, buried William Leake
Christopher Sticke, son of Margaret Sticke
George Tompson, buried George Tompson
Jane Taylor of City of Cowell, buried
Habell Starwell, buried Habell Starwell
Thomas Ramen, buried Thomas Ramen
William Slater, buried William Slater
Edward Robson, son of buried John Robson
William Barwell, gent, buried William Barwell

p me Robertus Heblethwayte Rectore ibido
James Palmer, churchwarden
William Slater, churchwarden


Doritey Taylore, daughter of Christopher Taylor
Elizabeth Thorpe, daughter of John Thorp
William Sherwood, son of Richard Sherwood
Margaret Thorp, daughter of Thomas Thorp the younger
Anne Thorp, daughter of Thomas Thorp the elder
Bridget Francis, daughter of Thomas Francis
Cutbord Leake, son of John Leake the younger
Dindy Robson, daughter of John Robson the younger
James Black, the son of Edward Black
Thomas Dymock, son of William Dymock
James Watsone, son of Michaell Watsone
Marie Dawsone, duaghter of Symon Dawsone

William Dawsone and Joane Morley Morley?
Henry Carleton and Elizabeth Tomptsone Tompson
Lawrence Syngleton and Betteres Leake Leake

John Dawson, son of buried John Dawsone
William Sherwood, son of buried Richard Sherwood
John Benton, a stranger buried
Thomas Leake, cailer buried Thomas Leake
Tompson Dawson, widow buried Dawson
John Thorp, son of buried Thomas Thorp the younger
Thomas Hutchinsone, laborer buried Hutchinson
Margaret Sherwood, daughter of buried Richard Sherwood

James Palmer, churchwarden
William Stephens, churchwarden



Bridget Emonson the daughter of Thomas Emonson
An Browne the daughter of Richard Browne
Anthony Row, son of Thomas Rowe
Thomas Coleman, son of William Coleman
Edward Dawson, son of William Dawson
William Leake, son of John Leake
Roger Tompson, son of Cuthbert Tompson
John Singleton, son of Lawrence Singleton
William Dyer the son of William Dyer was batized the xixth of September
Brydgit Thorp, daughter of John Thorpe
William Standishe, son of Thomas Standishe


John Mason and Elizabeth Whyterar
Thomas Garnell and Joan Robson Robson
Thomas Carr gent and Susana Marshe Carr
Allien Cowlyn and Elizabeth Slater Slater
William Williamson and Ellyn Wrythte


Thomas Emonson, son of buried Thomas Emonson
Roger Tompson, son of buried Cuthbert Tompson
Alice Dawson, wyfe of buried Thomas Dawson
Brydget Winter, wyfe of buried Stephen Winter
Mychell Tompson, buried Michael Tompson
John Buck buried John Buck

Willian Dyer, churchwarden
William Stephens, churchwarden



Marie Bracklebie the daughter of Edward Bracklebie
George Garwell the sonne of Thomas Garwell
Anne Sherwood the daughter of Richard Sherwood
Cutbert Pell the sonne of Willm Pell
James Borguley the sonne of Henrie Borguley
Anne Tomson the daughter of Cutbert Tomson
Cassander Thorp the daughter of Thomas Thorp
Cassander Leake the daughter of Ambrose Leake
Margrett Dyer the daughter of Willm Dyer was baptized September the tenth
Robert Dawson the sonne of Willm Dawson
Marie Taylor the daughter of Christopher Taylor
Henrie Robson the sonne of John Robson
Bridgett Rowe the daughter of Thomas Rowe
Edward Thorp the sonne of Tho: Thorp
Thomas Gyldeinge the sonne of John Gyldeinge
Edward Blacke the sonne of Edward Blacke


Stephen Winter & Elizabeth Burke
John Stormidge & Elizabeth Gyldine


Cassander Leake infant the daughter of Ambrose Leake
Thomas Stockdale corteier, was buried
Jane Hutchinson widow was buried
Henrie Robson infant the son of John Robson
Richard Browne laborer was buried

Henrie Borguleie Curate
James Palmer churchward.
Lawrence Singleton churchward.





Anne daughter of John Robson
Marie daughter of John Thorp
Henry son of Henry Borguley
Bridgett daughter of Richard Sherwood
Henry sonne of Michaell Watson
Henry sonne of Thomas Roe
Fraunces daughter of John Leake
Cassander daughter of Willm Dawson
John son of Willm Cox
Thomas son of Ambrose Leake
Edward son of Robert Southgate


Samuell Forman & Weseley Northen
Richard Cooke & Bettrice Singleton
John Larken & Mercy Sewell


Marie daughter of John Thorp
Andrew Drake an infant
John Siwan an ???
Marie Huggin a spinster
Alice daughter of John Dawson the elder

By me Henry Borguley curate
Thomas Dawson his marke
Thomas Leake



Edward the sonne of Thomas Thorp thelder
Thomas Thorp the sonne of Thomas Thorp the yonger
Cassander the daughter of John Leake the yonger
Alice the daughter of John Dawson the yonger
Daniell the sonne of Edward Black
John the sonne of ThomasFrauncis
Bridgett the daughter of Robet Dawson
Thomas the sonne of John White


Henry Williams & Marrian Rogers
John White & Bridgett Burke
Myles Gresswell & Alice Pell
Thomas Andrew & Bridgett Ellinor


Cassander the daughter of Willm Dawson
Thomas the son of Ambrose Leake
Edward Blacke laborer
Margrett Gwen spinster
Robert the son of Willm Collman
Anne the wife of Edward Bracklebie
Christopher Leake laborer
Marie the wife of Willm Gleenens
Thomas the sonne of Thomas Thorpe the yonger
Bridgett the daughter of Robert Dawson
John Leake husband was buried
Cutbert the sonne of Willm Pell
Anne the daughter of John Rydell

p me Henrie Borguley ibido Curate
Thomas Frauncis churchward.
Thomas Thorpe churchward.



Marie the daughter of John Gyldinge
Edward the sonne of John Mason
Thomas the sonne of Willm Dawson
Bridgett the daughter of Symon Dawson
Elizabeth the daughter of Ambrose Leake
Anthony the sonne of John Hobsonne
Robert the sonne of Thomas Hoe
Margrett the daughter of Thomas Garwell
Marie the daughter of Cutbert Tomsonne


Henrie F… &
Edmund Porter & Suzanna Mason


Willm Steevens son buried
Margrett the daughter of Willm Freeman
Joane the daughter of Robert Dawson
Bridgett the daughter of Symon Dawson

Examin p nos Henrie Borgulie ibidm Cur.
Anthony …
Thomas Frauncis churchward.



Thomas Whitaker & Margret Wallice
Thomas Thorp & Elizabeth Meares
Richard Freeman & Marie Stockdale


Marie the daughter of Richard Cooke
Rachell the daughter of Willm Dawsonne
Katherine the daughter of Henrie Borguley
Alice the daughter of Willm Cox
Maryan the daughter of Thomas Thorp sen.
John the sone of John Dawsonne


Joane the daughter of John Rydell
Daniell the sone of Edward Blacke
John the sonne of Richard Browne
Sybbell the wife of John Morrne ?
Christopher Taylor laborer
John the sonne of Robert Dawson
Richard Wilkinson a poore boy
Katherin the daughter of Henry Borguley
John the sonne of Thomas Thorp Jun.
Mabull Torry a poore woman

Henricu Borguleu mr.
Henricu Williams gardian
Jacobu Palmer gardian



… & Elizabeth B…
Willm … & M…
Willm … & Anne Huddlestone


Richard the sonne of Richard Sherwood
John the sonne of John M…
… the sonne of Robert Dawson
… the daughter of Clement Affin
… the daughter of Edward Br…
… the daughter of Thomas …
… the sonne of John Thorp Ju.
… the sonne of Willm Steevens


… the daughter of Willm Freeman
… Cutbert sonne
… husband was buried
Marie the wife of Richard Forman & two children still borne were buried
Joane the wife of Willm Northen was buried october the xxveth
Willm S…y was buried
Henrie the sonne of Willm Steevens
Thomas Nassone laborer was buried

Henricio Baguleu cur.
Richard Marshall his marke
James Palmer his marke



George the sonne of Willm Whitaker
Bridgett the daughter of Willm Pell
Tho: the sonne of John Dawson
George the sonne of Willm Collman
Willm the son of Willm Cox
Rich. the sonne of John Dawson
Anthony the sonne of Cutberte Tomsonne


Henrie S… & Anne Robinsonne
Rich. …head & Bridget Steevens
Robert Leake & Marie Pilgrim
Stephen Pilgrim & Fran Neale


…ell the wife of John Watson
… daughter of Willm Carlton
Robert Southgate yeoman
Tho: Thorp sen. husband.
Willm the son of John Leake

Henricio Borgulie ibio cur.
Rich: [mark] Marhsall
Tho: [mark] Roe


Kirkby Laythorp = about 26 families so far.

Lay Subsidy Roll E 179/139/644, rot 1d
Date of document: undated but [1 June 1603 or later]

Lay Subsidy Roll E 179/139/648, rot 1d
Date of document: undated but [1 Feb 1605 or later]

Lay Subsidy Roll E 179/139/668, rot 1d
Date of document: undated but [1 May 1607 or later]; ink washed away, need ultra-violet light

Lay Subsidy Roll E 179/139/672
Date of document: undated but [1 May 1610 or later]

Lay Subsidy Roll E 179/139/677, rot 1d
Date of document: undated but [1 Feb 1611 or later]

Lay Subsidy Roll E 179/139/682, rot 1, m2
Date of document: 10 Sept 1610

Lay Subsidy Roll E 179/139/688, rot 2
Date of document: undated but [March 1611]

Lay Subsidy Roll E 179/139/695, rot 1d
Date of document: 19 March 1622

Kirkby Lathorp

Edwa Brocklesby gen in bonis
Henricus Williams
Thomas Dawson
Cutbertus Tompson
Willielmus Hooker
Thomas Leake ?
Ricardus Elmer

1641 Aswardurn Wapentake Poll Tax Certificate
House of Lords Record Office
London SW1A 0PW
Tel. 0171 219 3074

A true p[ar]ticular of such money as was taxed & raised in Aswardhorne wapentake according to the statute of Pollemonys 30mo Augusti, 1641./

Kirkby Lathorpe

Robert Garland
Mrs Williams
George Neale one of his majties {illegible]rs
William Cox
John Marshall
Tho Leake
Robt Saunderson
Robt Leake
Tho Stafford
Rich Elmer
Anne Rowe
John Cooke
Cutbert Thompson